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Geology and Other Sciences (according to Senteur de Boue - yes, he does consider geology a science)
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Senteur de Boue
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The Working Class
bad dogs and Englishmen - a Brit solution to an American dilema
balloon man - oil company managers are all alike
brick by brick - the mason's trade
Dilbert's salary theorem - calculate your net worth
engineers and lawyers - Heaven's perspective on them both
engineers and women - engineering preferences
engineering supervisor - always generous
fate - man's lot in life (how it came to be)
graduate work - piled high and deep
HR manager - methodology of the human resources department is revealed
managers and engineers - need we say more?
motivational posters - things we'd like to see on them
oil companies - how to tell you work for one
overworked - the reason I'm stressed out
rats and lawyers - you mean there's a difference?
technical writing - the way it needs to be done
washroom - management's true opinion of the people who work for them
zookeeper - a dangerous job with unexpected hazards
The Dilbert Zone
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(the working man's hero)
Bill and Saddam - perspectives on the Iraqi conflict
Early Years - a young man with political aspirations
Euro-English - soon everyone will be writing proper English
Family Portrait - the First Family revealed
Governments of the World - which one would you prefer to be ruled by?
Mandate from the White House - we must be fair to everyone
Politician's Portrait - our elected representatives at work
Press Statement - an intern's response to presidential testimony
Twas the Night Before Impeachment - a Xmas ditty
Two Peas in a Pod - surprizing similarities
White House Internships - the government is recruiting as we speak
World Leaders - comparing the top dogs of the 20th Century
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